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Value Engineering
Value Engineering is basically application of knowledge and experience in optimizing project components design to achieve overall savings in costs and time without compromising the durability and safety. Value engineering will be undertaken on an already prepared designs and estimates to make it optimal and implementation friendly to meet the project specific demands.

Pre tender advisory services
With more and more investments in roads sector are coming from private companies on PPP mode, there is need for assessing the investment viability of each project before submitting bids. We, at Infra support help clients by conducting quick but comprehensive filed studies and desk studies on each project and assess its viability to bid. Our services include traffic validation studies, tollable traffic estimation, engineering assessment surveys, preparation of BoQ and estimation, financial modeling and viability reports.

Concessionaires Engineer or owners Engineers
Concessionaire or owners of the project in a PPP project requires design, advisory and supervision services from consultants in order to complete the project successfully. We provide re-engineering services which involve redesign of the facilities to meet the project construction requirements and to save cost and time.